Max Payne is the featured game in the 95th episode of Replay. The Replay Roulette for this episode features Metal Arms: Glitch in the System.

Max Payne was chosen as a Replay shortly after Rockstar Games showed off Max Payne 3 at the Game Informer offices. This episode is hosted by Tim Turi and features Andrew Reiner, Kyle Hilliard (on controls), and Jim Reilly in his first Replay appearance.

Notes Edit

Tim describes himself as a "huge fan" of the Max Payne franchise in this episode. He describes the Max Payne theme as "within my top ten favorite video game songs of all time" and mentions having seen the Max Payne feature film in theaters, though he admits it is a "terrible" movie.

Quotes Edit

Max Payne:

  • Tim (06:28): "You didn't teabag the corpse of your dead child like I did."

  • Tim (06:40): (speaking to Kyle) "Do you find things like this carry more emotional weight for you now [that you have a wife and child]?"
  • Kyle (06:45): "Uh, actually, to be honest? Yes."
  • Tim (06:47): "Really?"
  • Kyle (06:48): "Yes."
  • Tim (06:49): "I can-- I can believe that. Like, I saw a horse the other day, and then I was playing Shadow of the Colossus, and... uh... when Agro fell off..."
  • Kyle (06:55): "I-- actually, I was just playing that part last night, and I made my wife watch it, and she was like 'why did you make me watch that scene?'"
  • Tim (07:01): "You should make her watch this." (laughter) "No, you shouldn't, actually..."

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