Replay 2037

Title screen for Replay 2037

Replay 2037 is a feature new to Replay , debuting in the first episode of the second season. Replay 2037 opens in a Megaman 2 style intro, panning up a building to a pixelated version of the editors, visibly aged. This segment replays games that are current-gen today (obviously last-gen in 2037).

The editors pretend to be older, or different, versions of themselves. Tim Turi is an overweight middle-aged man, Andrew Reiner is slightly delirious and seems only to hold on to his hatred of Dan Ryckert (who is dead), Ben Reeves travelled off the planet leaving Reeverbot in his place, and Rowdy Ricky Ryckert (Dan's fart baby son) now works (against his will?) at Game Informer and is Reiner's indentured servant.

This segment proved to be highly controversial, because of its large change from the regular Replay Roulette. Many fans were not pleased by the strange concept, while many others thought it was funny. Being a very love/hate type of show, it would be difficult to make more episodes of this show. Dan is the only editor who, seemingly, wants to make another episode. Reiner, though, is firmly against returning to this concept.