Proceeding further into OverBlood, Dan Ryckert and Tim Turi return as host and the player respectively. Jeff Cork enters the Super Replay as the guest.

The code for this episode is, simply enough, "Milly".

In This EpisodeEdit

Continuing from the cliff-hanger ending last episode, Tim opens the case to find a Sample Case. It is explosive though, and after wandering aimlessly, Tim gives in to Jeff's request and takes the elevator up. A scene ensues showing Raz Karcy exploding, giving Tim a game over. From Ben Hanson's directions, Tim returns to the room where they originally met Milly Azray. Later, they find out that they had the item they were looking for, and then they return to the Sample Case. Solving the puzzle by finding some Oil, Tim sets a bomb to progress. After experiencing another death scene, they are immediately put into danger again from an oncoming vehicle. Yet another death happens, with Tim realizing that he must crouch. They then find a handgun that has no trigger, something Tim calls into question.

Another death occurs when Tim is flung into a high power fan turbine. Again, the solution is to duck under the wind where it doesn't effect you. The finale of the episode happens when Raz tries to save Milly from a "zombie". Jumping through a window, he is immediately thrown into a wall. Milly shoots the "zombie" herself, and drags Raz to safety. Waking up later, Raz and Milly are in a chamber with a well and fully grown trees; a mystery that is never fully solved in the game.