Episode 4 of Super Replay: OverBlood has a change of pace when Tim Turi is forced to take over as host becuase of Dan Ryckert having mouth surgery, but Dan is still present in this episode. Andrew Reiner begins his Co-Host spot, appearing in the Super Replay from this episode to the end. The guest of the episode, however, is Joe Juba who takes delight in Dan's inability to speak well. Reiner also mocks Dan because of that, and the two later come up with words that Dan has difficulty saying (Sunshine, Church).

The code of this episode is "Tool Time" because of Joe's insistence that Raz Karcy looks like Al Boreland from the sitcom Home Improvement.

In This EpisodeEdit

Taking place in the same area, the crew goes down the well into the sewers. Soon, Tim is forced to escape a tidal wave. The correct thing to do is jump, which Joe notices, but Tim originally thought to duck the wave; a decent thought as many of the life-or-death situations are solved by crouching. Raz and Milly are split up by a gap that only Raz can jump, and he makes a bridge for her. During his expedition for the bridge materials, Raz discovers that Milly works for the company, but she denies knowing anything about it.

In this episode, the antagonist is introduced as a shadowy figure that talks with a robot named "Zeus". They continue along into a "Full Kichen", but don't make much progress. They end the episode, stuck in a hallway with an area making water sounds.