The dramatic conclusion of OverBlood happens, while the same crew as last time finish this game. Dan Ryckert, Tim Turi, Andrew Reiner, and Phil Kollar star in this episode, being recorded immediately after the last episode.

Two codes appear in this episode. The first isn't expicitly told, as it was supposed to be a sound Raz made. It also occured at the beginning of the episode. The second code comes after the credits, and is "Afterburner" because of how the antagonist is defeated.

In This EpisodeEdit

The episode starts off with a bang with Tim dying with laughter after the scene that starts. Milly is captured by a "zombie", while Raz is knocked out by a secretive man. Milly yells to Raz, but Tim doesn't hear it and begins to laugh. The rest of the episode is quick as they quickly get to the final boss. Before that however, they find two red robots that resemble Pipo, but they speak. Raz declares them as "Not as helpful as Pipo."

The antagonist of the game is revealed to be the original Raz Karcy, with the player controlled one being a clone. Milly Azray is also revealed to be a clone, as the real Milly is dead. The true Raz was trying to have his wife back, but she fell in love with the player instead. Several other clones exist of Raz, but it is unknown if there are multiple Milly clones. After the player Raz reveals that the true Raz murdered scientists due to their conflicting views, Milly joins his side. The true Raz is so angered by this, he (somehow) turns into a stronger "zombie" and becomes the final boss.

After the first round, Tim places Pipo's microchip into a computer. The "zombie" Raz comes back for round two, with Tim initially being defeated. Having to watch all of the cutscenes again, and fight the boss. Tim succeeds in defeating the boss again, but Tim cut it close with the time limit, having only 3 seconds left on the clock. The "zombie" Raz is burned in the afterburner of a jet that Raz and Milly use to escape, and the game ends. The Lystra Laboratory explodes, destroying all of the clones, and ending this conflict.

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