Episode 13: Welcome to Hell is the 13th episode of the OverBlood 2 Super Replay, which aired on February 1, 2012. The episode gets its title from a neon sign found within the game, which reads "WELCOME TO HELL" in bright Comic Sans-esque font.

This episode features Tim Turi (on controls), Andrew Reiner, Dan Ryckert, and Game Informer editor-in-chief Andy McNamara as an unexpected repeat guest. Although Ben Hanson is not officially credited as a cast member, he has a microphone for this episode (as well as the rest of this Super Replay) and offers commentary and conversation along with the rest of the crew.

As Dan notes near the beginning, this episode marks the point at which OverBlood 2 became the longest Super Replay to date, surpassing the Mega Man Legends Super Replay which ran for 12 episodes.


This sign found in the facility gave the episode its title.

Episode Summary Edit

The episode begins with each editor begging for release from the Super Replay, and Dan Ryckert accusing Andy McNamara of banana sabatoge. This leads to all editors agreeing that if Dan broke his neck, they would end the Replay. They go on to discuss Andy's hidden love of Replay, using evidence such as him buying a Tail of the Sun shirt, even though he insists the game is a nightmare. They discuss 1991 movies, what would happen if Dan was President, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and unsurprisingly, Resident Evil and Terminator.

Once inside, they puzzle over keycard collection, until Dan insists they burn an allegedly "IMPERVIOUS TO HEAT" box. It works, much to his joy and the rest of the group's annoyance. The Red Key Card reveals a pool, and the episode ends.

Plot Summary Edit

Acarno retreads the Deceptive Forest for the third(!) time. This time, he reaches Tornado Island and defeats a six-legged robo-tiger. Acarno enters the facility to rescue an important doctor and sees a massive guillotine with a neon sign reading, "Welcome to HELL". He explores multiple disturbing puzzle rooms such as an over-stimulating excercise room and one full of floating platforms. After uncovering a Red Key Card by burning a fireproof box, Acarno reveals a large pool. As he prepares to dive in, the episode concludes.

Credit Cookies Edit

  • Brief post-episode banter where Andy hopes Dan slips on a banana peel. Dan counters by saying he will put one behind the back tire of Andy's car.
  • A muffled voice saying they are "just about ready to stop". Then Andrew Reiner impersonating Dan Ryckert.